What Are Your Numbers? Growth vs. Accomplishment In The Workplace.

I have a question. Which is more important to you when it comes to your job?

  1. Your ability to grow in your role.
  2. Your need to feel accomplished in the work you do.

Before you tell me both immediately, I want to unpack what I think growth and accomplishment mean.

We grow in our roles when we’re learning new things, stretching our minds, and dancing on the edge of our current capabilities. We grow when we have room to fail and adjust when we garner insights we haven’t had before. Growth is change.

We feel accomplished in our roles when we can cross a finish line, the finish line being the achievement of a complex project, or just crossing another thing off the never-ending list. There’s a satisfaction in knowing a job is complete, and you’ve done it well. Accomplishment is completing.

So I ask you again. Which of these two things is more important to you when it comes to your role? My guess is it’s still both but is it 50%/50%, or are your growth vs. accomplishment numbers a different combination?

There are no wrong answers; this is your career adventure. You get to choose what’s best for you.

Now take a second and look back at your last week. How much of your time were you learning vs. how much of your time were you completing?

Do they match what you want your numbers to be?

I’ve found that most people’s numbers don’t. My guess is your accomplishment percentages eclipse your growth percentage. Now, if accomplishment is your priority, then that’s absolutely fine. Bravo, keep doing what you’re doing. But if growth is your priority, then maybe it’s time to shift what you’re doing. Are you making time to do things that nudge you out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to be imperfect once in a while because you’re not a machine?

I hope I’ve given you pause to stop and think about how you’re balancing your time and energies. Because I know you have the ability to accomplish any goal. You just have to choose to focus on that goal, and step by step, you make it happen. You’ve done it before. Why couldn’t you now?

If you’re skewing a little too far towards the accomplishment side, it’s no wonder you’re not feeling like you’re growing. Or maybe for you, it’s the other way.

Again, there are no wrong answers—just insights into what you’re doing and what you want to do because you get to define the Future You, not anyone else. And like all the other goals you’ve accomplished, you know you have to invest in them to make them happen.

Are you ready to start?

If you need some help, we will be talking about this and more at next Fridays Live Show. You should join us.  Maybe you’ll get the chance to have me dust some of my JoJo Magic over you. I promise you; it makes this career adventure you’re on much more fun.

Choose the Future You. She’s worth it. 

PS. So is he. 🙂


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