Who Is The Future You?

Why Is It Time To Talk About Yourself In A New Way?

1.  Everyone is more than their title. A title is a label that helps people categorize you. If we’re going to let someone label you let’s choose a label that tells them who you really are. Because when you’re clear about who you are it’s easier to choose you. My title is CEO, but I call myself a Potentialist.

2.  Let’s get rid of the resume. Your resume just talks about your past and not your future. If you’re honest your resume is probably keywords and measurable results. You’re hired for “how” you’re going to think tomorrow and the proof point is “what” you did before. But each situation is different so the “how” is more valuable than the “what”. So why aren’t we sharing how we think, the how, as much as what we’ve done. Isn’t that what people need to know?

3.  “Self-promotion” isn’t a dirty word. Every decision made about you is made in a room you’re not in. This means that SOMEONE in the room needs to know you exist. If decision-makers don’t know you exist, they can’t choose you. To be chosen you need to teach other people who you are and why it’s awesome so when they’re in the room (you’re not in) they can teach other people how awesome you are.

4.  We work in a double-sided market place.  You have as much control to choose if an opportunity is right for you, as an employer gets to choose if you are the right person for the opportunity. Which makes me ask, what is it you want? The clearer you are about who you are and what you want, the easier it is for people to say yes.

You are hired, promoted, given the high profile assignment, based on your ability to solve problems in the future, justified by what you’ve accomplished in the past.

Your Value = Your Experience + Your Potential



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