The speed of change is accelerating and your team needs to accelerate with it.

There isn’t a business leader today who doesn’t think about the potential of their business, products and technology – about how they will solve problems of and in the future. Yet when we talk about the people who create those businesses, products and technologies, we talk about their skills, productivity and titles – all linear and mechanistic language of the past.

We need to shift the way we speak about human talent, after all, don’t we hire people to solve problems of the future? Shouldn’t we recognize those people for the future-focused work they do by using multidimensional, potential-oriented language? It’s successful, forward-looking leaders today that amplify and empower their team’s potential.



Joanna Bloor leads lively and entertaining experiences that literally and figuratively challenge your team to think about how to balance both their expertise and experience with future-focused potential and experimentation.

Value Team Experience


I was desperate to build the courage to take charge of my own career.

I needed to find my voice and figure out how to express it effectively.

The big secret is that we don’t all have our lives figured out yet, and we are always trying to be better, reach higher, and push ourselves to the next level – I hope to have the opportunity to explore what that next level looks like for me.

I always have known who I am and where I want to go professionally, but I haven’t ever put it into words to really own it.

I want to move into another role and need help figuring out how best to get there.


Totally inspired, motivated and ready to take charge of my professional and personal narrative.

Having heard publicly what all these amazing women shared about who they are, what motivates them, and what they want to be – I was not only humbled, inspired, but I also have received support and encouragement like I never imagined possible.

It is pretty wild to think of myself as a brand – it always seems too obvious that I had not thought of this before. Now I have the tools to take action.

I felt empowered to kick ass after Joanna’s presentation! She showed me that with some creativity and knowing what I want; I can change how others perceive and talk about me at work. I went from feeling that I couldn’t control the narrative about my value and my work, to being inspired to take control of MY story!


Workshop focus is highly customized based on goals of your business and audience. Examples include:

  • Every Decision About You Is Made In A Room You Aren’t In (Employee Value & Brand)

  • You Are Not A Robot! (Future of Work)

  • Future Skill: The Hidden Language Of Talent (Leadership Skills)

  • You Are The Product (Career Development)


The companies that get the best from Joanna are those:

  • Navigating a multigenerational workforce

  • Fostering innovation and creative thinking

  • Looking to increase employee engagement

  • Preparing for the impact of the future of work

  • Who value problem solving imagination over rote implementation


If you’re interested in bringing Joanna in to work with your team then we should chat. We have lots of questions about what you’re trying to accomplish and who the people are in your team and how we can help them. Like our one-on-one work all our engagements are personalized to the people we’re talking to. Why? Because it’s all about them. Oh, and yes, we’re fully operational for global virtual experiences.

Submit your request using the button below and we’ll be reaching out to schedule time to speak and learn more. Looking forward to connecting!


Joanna is an optimistic futurist. From emerging technologies to Gen Z, she embraces the new and leads the way of positive transformations at work and in our everyday life.

Maria Fernandez Guajardo , Director, Enterprise AR/VR at Facebook

Participants viewed themselves differently at the end of the workshop than they did when they walked in. It’s the realisation that good might not be good enough if you want to achieve greatness. Joanna’s presentation spans all demographics. Her ability to connect with any audience is impressive.

Jessica Shor, President, Leading Women in Technology

We had such a high level of engagement during the day we spent with Joanna, with such a talented group of senior women, that we contnue to feel the impact in our careers today. Not one person left the room the same as when she entered. We spent weeks after the course reflecting seriously about how we have as a community of badass women, what we could each do to improve our narratives, and where we could continue to grow.

Christine Kenna, Partner, IGNIA Venture Capital Fund