Don’t you want to ensure your attendees make powerful connections and uncover unique opportunities?

The goal of conferences and events is to bring people together based on a common interest but the beauty lies in the opportunity to network and share ideas.  The challenge is that in order to do that, you must be able to articulate in a meaningful and memorable way, who you are and why your ideas matter.

Joanna proves that opportunity is incredibly valuable but only if we have the tools to take advantage of it.  Let her give your attendees those tools!


Joanna Bloor leads a lively and entertaining experience that literally and figuratively challenges everybody in the audience to think about how they’re thinking about their careers.

The rules of yesterday are no longer applicable, today’s modern workplace is evolving daily. Joanna poses the question “Do you want to wait for others to choose your future or do you want to take agency of your own?”  Then, working with audience members directly, she demonstrates how simple changes to how you “Teach other people why you are awesome without sounding like a tool.” Joanna believes that the clearer you are about who you are, what you want, and why it could be helpful to the listener, the easier it is for the other person to say yes. And conferences, in-person or virtual, are for creating serendipitous opportunities to say yes.



Customize The Experience
Joanna collaborates with your Conference/Event Planner to customize her experience for the specific audience. Live or Virtual each engagement has it’s own special needs.

Not Just A Talking Head
Joanna also offers unique programming for your attendees. Examples of these additional tailored options include:
  • Value Adventure Programming – Imagine all your attendees had their unique Value Language before they arrived at the conference?

  • Sponsor Collaboration Opportunities – Mini  Transformations  – A headshot booth is no longer an option. What about mini-transformations for attendees?


Topic focus is highly customized based on goals of your event and attending audience. Examples include:

  • Every Decision About You Is Made In A Room You Aren’t In (Employee Value & Brand)

  • They’re not robots. Why are we using the mechanistic language of the past to talk about human value? (Future of Work)

  • How to shamelessly make better asks of your network. (Networking)

  • Potentialism: I coined this word and you need to know what it means right now (Leadership /Career Development)


Conference and event partners who get the best from Joanna are those:

  • Encouraging attendee engagement

  • Promoting powerful human connections

  • Fostering unique opportunities

  • Supporting innovation and future thinking

  • Who are thoughtful about the value provided to attendees and it’s impact on their interest to attend again


If you’re interested in bringing Joanna for your event then we should chat. We have lots of questions about what you’re trying to accomplish and who your attendees and how we can help them. Like our one-on-one work all our engagements are personalized to the people we’re talking to. Why? Because it’s all about them. Oh, and yes, we’re fully operational for global virtual experiences.

Submit your request using the button below and we’ll be reaching out to schedule time to speak and learn more. Looking forward to connecting!


During the PGA Tour’s Executive Women’s Day, there was a moment when Joanna brought a team member from a large bank to the stage for the big question “What do you want to be known for?”, and over the next 120 seconds you could feel the energy shift in the room. For the first time in a decade, the woman’s co-workers actually saw her beyond the title. This very basic human need, to be seen, can get buried in who we think we should be at work and we lose the best of ourselves when that happens. Joanna brings it out and holds it up to be celebrated.

Trish Gregovich, Tournament Director, PGA Tour

Joanna was a joy to work with and delivered a truly unique personal development experience. Her invaluable presentation on learning how to identify ‘What we do?’ was a gift for every attendee, no matter what level in their career. The opportunity to meet her individually, for a transformation session, was the absolute highlight!

Andy McNeill, CEO, American Meetings, Inc

We had such a high level of engagement during the day we spent with Joanna, with such a talented group of senior women, that we contnue to feel the impact in our careers today. Not one person left the room the same as when she entered. We spent weeks after the course reflecting seriously about how we have as a community of badass women, what we could each do to improve our narratives, and where we could continue to grow.

Christine Kenna, Partner, IGNIA Venture Capital Fund

“Joanna’s mix of TED talk, standup, and truly useful career coaching made a Zoom room of women I didn’t know feel like my new favorite group of friends. Highly recommend!”

Brigitte Bradford, Chairman Mom - Covid Career Power Up Event