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LIVE! with Joanna
Every Friday at Noon PDT

  • Curious how to stand out while navigating the future of work? Gain career insights from Joanna’s unique point of view and actionable next steps that put her insights to work for you.
  • Every show will focus on a different topic – so make sure you attend them all!
  • Want to speak directly to Joanna? This is your chance to participate in a live Q&A session and get your burning questions answered.
  • Wish you knew how to articulate why you are uniquely awesome? Joanna will be doing one of her famous “transformations” on one lucky attendee – giving him/her language that expresses what specific value they have to offer.

Upcoming Events:


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Past LIVE! with Joanna Shows

Are you curious about LIVE! with Joanna shows?  Did you miss a show that you really wanted to attend?  Do you want to re-watch a show you previously attended?  Now, past LIVE! with Joanna shows can be found on Joanna Bloor’s YouTube Channel here.  Subscribe and see what all the hype is about! 

***This YouTube Channel consists of REPLAYS of past live shows.  The only way to participate in a LIVE! with Joanna show – volunteer, ask questions, receive a toolkit, get the opportunity to win a free one-on-one session with Joanna, and more – is to register to attend the live shows.  (Link to register for LIVE shows here.)

Past show topics include (but are not limited to):

  • How to get a job when you’re pivoting your profession
  • How to use experimentation to build your career
  • Your career is more like an adventure than a path
  • How to describe your brilliant brain with a graphic
  • How to have a better answer to the question, “What do you do?”
  • Tools to help pick which career path might work for you
  • The Cinderella Construct

Joanna’s Speaking Engagements

Thanks to Joanna’s humour, interactivity, and boundless energy, she’s invited to speak around the world at conferences, both big and small.  Here are a few upcoming conferences she’ll be speaking at if you’d like to check them out.

WiTH – Harnessing the winds of disruption
You sound like a robot when you’re talking about yourself. PS. You’re not a robot. 
Thursday, August 27th at 10AM PDT – Everyone Welcome!

Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance
Executive Value Adventure – 8 weeks, 4 challenges, everyone gets a transformation
Kick of Informational Session Tuesday, September 8th at 3-4PM EST – Everyone Welcome!

Your investors, your employees, your customers buy YOU as much as your idea. How to get people to “buy” you without being a jerk.
Monday, September 14th at Noon PDT- Everyone Welcome!

TOIGO Conference 2020
Why People Want To Know About The Future You – Private Event
Monday, October 12th

WBCES -World’s Leading Learning Platform For Business & Executive Coaches

Why People Want To Know About The Future You – Private Event
Wednesday, October 14th

Women in Consumer & Commercial Finance Conference
It’s time you started talking about the Future You.
Tuesday, December 8th 9am PST

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challenge show

Value Experience Challenges
Every Friday at 9AM PDT

Are you participating in the Digital Value Experience? If so, you’re invited each week to a LIVE event created just for you. Each event is at 9am PDT on Fridays and includes special advice from Joanna on how to make the most of your experience, answer any questions you might have, and raise your hand for one of Joanna’s magical transformations. Looking for one of the private invitations? Check out the course portal as there are invitation links throughout the program or just shoot us a note through the portal and we’ll get you registered.

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