This week’s live transformation recipient is Danesha McKoy. We met Danesah at the recent event we co-hosted with PepUp Tech.

How did Danesha introduce herself before she met Joanna?

“I am a Dental Clinical Coordinator. I am a team leader. And I am in charge of running the operations as far as the flow of patients, doctors, and assistance day-to-day.”

The big question for Joanna was why did Danesha need a new way of introducing herself. 

Through the PepUp Tech organization, Danesha is learning the Salesforce platform and wants her Salesforce Administrator certification. Her goal is to pivot her career.

Joanna’s tip for someone who’s trying to pivot:

If you’re changing industries and roles, in the interview process, you need to make sure you explain how your skills in your past roles also apply in the opportunity you want. Potential is 100% easier to recognize when your background matches the current job. If it doesn’t, as is the case with Danesha, you need to make sure you are clear. Don’t make your hiring manager guess why you’re awesome. Plus, as someone with a unique background, you bring new perspectives and ideas to the team. Make sure you highlight them.

Based on the 3 min Q & A, how does Joanna think Danesha might talk about herself if asked in an interview, “Tell me about yourself?”

I’m sure that looking at my background, you’re looking at all of my experience in a dentist’s office and wondering how that might apply in the world of a Salesforce Administrator. I want to explain how my past makes me uniquely prepared to be a Salesforce Admin. In a dental office, there are several moving parts and people – the doctors, the patients, the vendors, the staff. The office coordinator’s goal is to optimize the flow of information and conversations to create the best results.  

To create the best results, I believe you need to have your ears, eyes, and brain in multiple places. You have to be tuned in everywhere. By tuning in everywhere, you can anticipate problems and proactively direct everyone through potentially complex issues. 

I bring this “tuned in to optimize flow” approach to everything I do, and through learning the Salesforce systems, I understand the administrator’s role needs a similar approach. 

Why do we think this introduction works?

Danesha’s new introduction immediately takes her innate skills and introduces the idea that they are valuable for a Salesforce Admin. Highlighting who Danesha is and how she thinks. And while her experience is critical, it’s the problems Danesha will solve tomorrow that counts.

What did Danesha have to say?

“Getting my language transformed was an absolute game-changer. Joanna so eloquently (and might I add spontaneously) combined the right words to excellently highlight my skills so I could bring them to the table and show how my talents would benefit an organization. Just like that, with a wave of a wand, she performed pure magic. Genius!”

Thanks, Danesha. We think you’re pretty magic too. And thank you for volunteering for a transformation. Best of luck creating the Future You.

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Watch Joanna transform Danesha at the PepUp Tech: Why you need to introduce the Future You event.


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