What’s Your Value?

People learn how to talk about you by listening to how you talk about yourself. So let’s make sure everybody, including you, is speaking about you the way that you want to be known.

Let’s create bold and compelling language that communicates why you’re uniquely awesome.

Want to stand out and be remembered for your own personal awesomeness? Sign up to create unique, authentic, and compelling language for you to use when talking about yourself.

You will be lead through a digital experience with four interactive challenges and live events designed to get you where you want to be – top of mind!

  1. Sign up for the experience!  And test, it’s an experience, not just a course.
  2. Each of the four interactive challenges should take no more than 30 minutes of your time each week.
  3. As you complete each challenge, you’ll be invited to a Value Challenge Show, a live 30 minute virtual event with Joanna that supports the work you’ve just done.
    1. Shows are hosted on Fridays at 9am PDT.
    2. The shows aren’t mandatory to complete the program but are designed to help you on your career adventure.
    3. Each show includes protips from Joanna, a live Q&A, and at least one transformation demo.
    4. The shows are only available to Digital Value Experience participants.
  4. It’s your adventure but we recommend you plan to complete one challenge every other week.
  5. Submit your challenge results through your personal online portal.
  6. After completing your 3rd challenge, Joanna creates a personalized, unique, and compelling value statement just for you.  It’s written to “teach” your audience how truly awesome you are.  As Joanna says, “If you don’t teach other people why you’re uniquely awesome, how will they know?  Or worse, will they make a guess?”
  7. Your final challenge will have you armed with your new language and a plan that aligns with your individual goals.

We can make that happen!  And what a wonderful thing to do.  Just send us a message and we can set you up!

  • You’ll receive your language no more than two business days after you’ve completed Challenge #3.

  • “Can’t I just speak directly with Joanna to get my language?”  Sounds like you’re looking for the One-On-One Value Experience. Check it out here.

  • No problem. Each situation is unique.  Just send us a message and we can set you up!

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