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What do you want people to opt into? Joanna has asked that simple question of nearly 2,000 people since starting this work in 2015. Shifting perspectives, building confidence, and transforming how people think about themselves. 

“In our work, we’re either bored, stuck, scared, OR opting-in. The choice of which one you want your team to optimize for seems obvious right?”

Joanna has worked with everyone from C-Suite Executives (Creatd, Salesforce, Microsoft, Jeffries Group, General Electric) to High School Students in ranging industries (Stone Brewing – CPG, Mount Saint Mary’s University – Education, Ernst & Young – finance, Sing Fit – health tech) proving that optimizing your Opt-In Equation is, in actual fact, the key to success for the company AND the individual.

Formerly known for scaling teams and revenue strategies at companies like Pandora, CNET, and Ticketmaster-Citysearch, Joanna’s a veteran of unwinding ambiguity in the workplace. Once described as Bette Midler meets Tony Robbins with a dash of Gene Roddenberry, Joanna aims for “delightfully unexpected” in her work in front of audiences, collaborating with leaders and helping teams create their own Opt-In Equation. 

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