Let’s Talk About the “Ick” Factor of Sales

“In your life, you are the product. Which means you should be the best person at selling yourself.” I explain. “But that feels weird, and I can’t sell,” they exclaim with horror.

I had no less than three coaching calls over the last couple of weeks where I had to talk someone back from the “ick” reaction when it comes to sales. While each situation was a little different, all of them practically recoiled with horror at even the idea that they might be “selling” in some way shape or form. The reaction was even stronger when I suggested that they needed to imagine THEY were a product they were trying to sell.

Earlier this year I wrote, “You Are the Product: How to present yourself in a powerful & impelling way.” The article outlines five objectives you should consider when defining your role, your product to sell.

So what is it with this genuine dislike for the idea of selling? Since these conversations, I’ve been wondering why the stereotype of the “sleazy car sales guy” or that selling is somehow dishonest and tacky still persist. Fortuitously, the Time article “5 Tactics to Win a Negotiation, According to an FBI Agent” about negotiation showed up in my social media feed this morning. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About the “Ick” Factor of Sales”