Are you telling your team members the truth?

I have no doubt your initial reaction is “Of course!” But based on the several hard conversations recently, I’m beginning to think some members of leadership are not entirely honest.

What am I talking about?

Promotions, or the lack thereof.

I hear the following comments from people looking for a promotion more times than I can count:

“They keep moving the bar.”
“They tell me when the promotion will happen, but then it doesn’t.”
“I feel like I’m stuck.”

In digging in deep, there are a couple of concerns that are clearly consistent in each situation. Continue reading “Are you telling your team members the truth?”

Have you made it easy for them to promote you?

My simple question manifested a shocked and confused expression from my client. I won’t quote the response but here are some of the common reactions I get to this question.

  1. But they’re the ones doing the promoting, what am I supposed to do?
  2. Yes of course I have, I’ve been with the company for two years and haven’t got a promotion, so it’s the right time.
  3. Why wouldn’t it be easy to promote me?
  4. Look at all the projects I’ve completed for them. This is a no-brainer for them.

I have all sorts of responses to why answers 1, 2 and 4 need further discussion. Today I want to focus on number 3 – Why wouldn’t it be easy to promote me? I also want to focus on what YOU can control, not external factors (budgets, promotion schedules, etc.). Why? Because so often we look at a promotion solely as the manager’s responsibility and strictly in the manager’s control. Guess what, like everything in your career journey, it’s not.

So let’s talk about number 3 and why it might be hard. Remember, these are situations that might need to be resolved above and beyond the financial and timing issues. And these situations all start with other people. Because, as you well know, every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you’re not in. What we need to remember is the room isn’t just your boss. Are you thinking about everyone else? Continue reading “Have you made it easy for them to promote you?”