Is success really just about getting sh*t done?

Scene: A room full of ladybadass, accomplished, curious women looking to up their professional game. A professional game that honestly is pretty rad already.

Me: Write down five things you want to be known for professionally.

Ladybadasses: [Frantically writing. Worrying that it’s not good enough.]

Me: How many of you wrote a version of “I’m really great at getting things done” as one of your top responses?

Room full of ladybadass women: 80% or more put their hand up. Every. Single. Time.

If you’ve been to one of my sessions, you’ll know that I then have a little chat with the audience about the importance of being unique. Particularly that while “getting shit done” is an important aspect of your job, being known primarily for “getting shit done” doesn’t help you or your team. (Want to know more about why come to a session!)

I was thinking the other day about this whole idea of “getting things done” and accomplishment, and it’s powerful hold as a tangible measure of success. Why do so many people consider “getting shit done” as a notable feature? Continue reading “Is success really just about getting sh*t done?”