quotes-21Joanna is an optimistic futurist. From emerging technologies to Gen Z, she embraces the new and leads the way of positive transformations at work and in our everyday life.quotes-22

Maria Fernandez Guajardo, Strategy & Product @ Building 8 Facebook

Before starting my own company, I spent 20 years in the startup trenches bringing cutting edge technologies to life. I have spoken at hundreds of events as a panelist and a motivational speaker. Some of my engagements include TED 2016, Dreamforce, PGA Tour, ChIPS Global Summit, and Dentsu Aegis.

Everyone has value, can you articulate yours?

Joanna Bloor on stage with slides behind her


Most decisions made about you and your opportunities are made in a room that you’re not in. Scary, right? But true. Think about it. So how do you make sure that what people think and say about you – whether you are in the room or not – is the story you want to be told?

Joanna Bloor guides her audiences through strategies to make sure they are both part of the consideration set and have an impact on what’s being said about us. All this starts with asking the question: What do you want to be known for? And understanding why.

One of the unique and compelling components of Joanna’s presentation is her ability to perform “speed coaching” during her presentations. She draws in an audience member and in a matter of minutes, has crafted a bold and compelling personal value proposition unique to that person. It’s amazing for the participant and educational to watch.

Click on the image to see Joanna in action at Dreamforce 2016.

The Future of Technology

Topics: Innovation, Tech’s impact on the workplace, Connected Future
Summary: Are we turning humans into robots and robots into humans? How are you preparing your organization for the future of technology? As we integrate more and more technology into our lives, it’s important to address how new technologies will impact our work environment and team dynamics.

Late in Life Athlete (LILA)

Topics: Technology, Self-care, 3D Printing, Motivation/Inspiration
Summary: In 2015, I embarked upon a personal journey that combined my struggles with my weight and my curiosity and history in media. My fascination with technology led me to 3D printing and how I can use it to reach my goals. The result? 3D LILA – a 3D printed figurine I pull out to motivate myself. LILA inspired a weekly podcast where I interview technology experts on the latest innovations surrounding the quantified self, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.