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Cristina Mancini, EVP Creative & Technology Strategy, 20th Century Fox


Who do you admire? Who inspires you? What are they known for? At one point they shared their ideas and made their voice powerful – they created a platform.

To move from success to influence, from great to impact, you need a clearly articulated platform, one that is bold, compelling, and uniquely you. I can help get you there.

I will work with you to uncover what you want to be known for and help you strategize how to get there. Together we will activate your new platform and launch you from the unknown to the impactful. Are you ready?

What got you here is not what will get you to the
next level. Each step requires a new strategy.

Executive Coaching & Programs

I work with executives to craft their impactful vision, develop a custom strategy to aspiration, and provide the tools and resources to activate their plan so they become a champion for their own vision.

  • Are you successful in one profession and looking to pivot to another?
  • Do you want to move from Director/VP to the C-Suite and beyond?
  • Do you believe you can write a book?
  • Do you have lessons to share with a broader audience than your network?
  • Are you invited to speak on panels? Or do you want to be?
  • Ask five of your peers what you are known for. Is it the answer what you hoped for?

If you answer yes to two or more of these questions, we should talk. I can help you become the next visionary leader and achieve your goals.


Together we will identify key elements of your platform and craft a compelling answer for what you are known for.

  • Identify your AUDIENCE and how to engage with them
  • A clearly articulated personal PLATFORM and a compelling, authentic STORY that supports your legacy
  • Ways to collect FEEDBACK and improve your ideas


Just like your company, you need a brand strategy. I will review your current identity and assets to build a strategy for amplifying your voice.

  • Social media approach
  • Personal content strategy
  • Speaking gameplan


Now it’s time to turn up the volume and activate your platform. My team at the Amplify Lab and I will take the first steps to mobilize your custom strategy. We will show you the best approaches, then hand it back over to you.

  • Social media assistance (content take-over)
  • Editorial/blog collaboration (ghostwriting, content suggestions, podcast creation, etc.)
  • Speaking opportunities (suggestions and bookings)
  • Digital imagery (headshots and design visuals)
  • Portfolio materials (bio, speaker one-sheet, resume, LinkedIn profile, your personal website, and branding email set-up)

Ready to achieve more?