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Cristina Mancini, EVP Creative & Technology Strategy, 20th Century Fox

If you agree that every decision made about you and your opportunities is made in a room you’re not in then it begs two key questions:

Are you part of the consideration set? & What is being said about you in the room that you’re not in.

For today’s executive, the answer to these questions are more critical than ever to their opportunities as a business leader and a representative of the company’s vision, mission & values. It is what an executive is known for that impacts the decision made in a room they’re not in.

What an executive is known for can impact everything from recruiting and retention, to team productivity, to exposure opportunities at conferences and in the media.

What are you known for? A simple question, and yet often challenging to answer. Because your answer needs to be bold, unique, compelling and authentic.

Joanna is known for her uncanny ability to uncover an individual’s bold, unique and authentic answer to the question. “What are you known for?” This is the first phase to answer the question “What is being said about you in the room you’re not in.” Then, using her original and creative strategies she takes the foundation of what a person is known for and co-develops both language and strategies to make “what you are known for” compelling.

We buy everything, including people, on emotion and justify on fact.

How does the program work?

The program consists of 3 monthly individual 3 hour sessions.  Joanna uses a three-phase approach to taking the group from idea to execution. These three phases are:

  • Phase 1: Uncover
  • Phase 2: Strategize
  • Phase 3: Activate


Together we will identify key elements of your platform and craft a compelling answer for what you are known for.

  • Identify your AUDIENCE and how to engage with them
  • A clearly articulated personal PLATFORM and a compelling, authentic STORY that supports your legacy
  • Ways to collect FEEDBACK and improve your ideas


Just like your company, you need a brand strategy. I will review your current identity and assets to build a strategy for amplifying your voice.

  • Social media approach
  • Personal content strategy
  • Speaking gameplan


Now it’s time to turn up the volume and activate your platform. We get you prepared and establish the what, where and when activating your personal strategy. Activation also includes 1 Yr speaker representation as needed.

Ready to achieve more?