quotes-21Fun, approachable, intelligent and incredibly successful. She leads this session from the heart and through her own experience in life.quotes-22

Amanda Morgan McAllister, Director at Microsoft


Can you be as inspiring as the person you admire? Do you know what you want to be recognized for? Are you ready to share your ideas and vision? If you’re looking to become an impactful person, I can help by creating a clearly articulated, bold, and compelling platform. Together we will uncover, strategize, and activate your vision.


A job title is just a label. It’s not what you do. It’s not your contribution or what you do to make a difference. So why do we talk about what we do with a title, with just a label? Imagine how a team would perform together if they understood and could articulate their importance – their “Human Value Proposition.” Imagine the impact of your teams if everyone understood what unique element each person brought to the table. I develop fun, interactive and motivating programming customized to fit your organization and audience. These professional development workshops will help your team reach the next level.


Every decision regarding people’s opportunities, personal and professional, are made in a room they’re not in.  Is there a way to make sure the story being told is the very best for each person? I know this is not only possible, but critical in the modern workplace. My one-on-one coaching and public workshops will help you shape your story – and brand – as you want it.