People Accelerator, Futurist/Technology Nerd, Belief Agent for Brave and Curious Women, and Founder of The Amplify Lab

I believe that every decision about you and your career is made in a room that you are not in.

I began asking myself, “Can you affect what is being said about you in that room? Can you do it in a way that balances authenticity with boldness, while being compelling and unique? Can you make sure that if you’re the perfect person for an opportunity, you’re part of the consideration set?”

Not only do I believe it’s possible, I think it’s essential in today’s business world. This belief inspired me to start working with people to help them uncover their bold, authentic, and compelling story.

Uncovering your story however is only the first step. I also created The Amplify Lab, a people accelerator. The team at Amplify Lab works with individuals to amplify their story using social media, content creation and public speaking opportunities.

Be Brave.
Be Curious.
Be You.

In my life I embrace bravery, curiosity, and authenticity. These three principles guided me throughout my 20 year career working for technology e startups. In leadership roles in companies including OpenTable, CBS Interactive, and Pandora, I was challenged to develop and implement growth strategies to help them go from idea to IPO.

My bravery, curiosity, and authentic approach also helped me tackle a personal problem – losing weight with 3D printing. Sound a little out there? As a tech enthusiast and scalability junkie, I was curious about 3D printing. With a goal in mind to lose weight, 3D LILA (Late in Life Athlete) was born. I track my progress with a figurine, being kind to myself and brave to see the results undeniably in front of me. The project grew to a series of podcasts in which I interview experts and innovators about 3D printing, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and much more, and lead me to the TED stage in 2016.

I speak about this project, personal career development, and other topics as a motivational speaker or panelist.

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