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What do you want people to opt into? Joanna has asked that simple question of nearly 2,000 people since starting this work in 2015. Shifting perspectives, building confidence, and transforming how people think about themselves. 

“In our work, we’re either bored, stuck, scared, OR opting-in. The choice of which one you want your team to optimize for seems obvious right?”

As an Ambition Guide, I have 25 years of experience helping ideas come to life. My career was built on creating futures that didn’t exist before – from early Web 1.0 with Ticketmaster and to Web 2.0 and Pandora. In each situation, we had to balance the needs of today with where we thought the industry could go. Agility and speed were always must have’s while thinking towards a preferable future made ideas into legacies. I was an Ambition Guide for these brilliant ideas.

In 2015 I turned my attention to the most interesting product in a company – people. We engage with new technologies because we recognize their potential to provide value to us in the future. I asked myself, isn’t the same true for people? And isn’t potential the human product that never existed before? So why aren’t we using the same lessons learned to help people build their careers and confidently navigate this new future of work?

As a Career Futurist, I see the same opportunity for transformation in the world of work.
When you work on the edges of technology you have to think like a Futurist. Exploring the possible, probable, plausible, and preferable futures. You have to re-imagine frameworks and systems that don’t exist. We’ve seen companies transform industries – Google, Airbnb, Uber, PayPal, Amazon – the list continues. In each case, they’ve questioned and re-imagined a new framework for their business. Why then, I ask, are we still using the tools, data, systems, and strategies anchored in the language and frameworks of the industrial past. Isn’t it time to explore the tools of talent and build frameworks that recognize their skills, their personality, AND their potential?

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